Wedding Heirloom Investment

Wedding Heirloom Investment

The Short Film | $2,699

Our signature film that implements the most memorable moments of your wedding into a cinematic piece that you’ll enjoy watching again and again. There are so many ways to go about this edit, and our mission is to create something unique that truly captures your energy, the emotions felt, and of course the all the fun on the dance floor!

Includes 8 hours of Wedding Day Coverage, 60 second Trailer and a 4-6 minute Short Film

Documentary Edit | $1050

This add on style of edit serves as an archival documentation of the entire wedding day, including the main formal events: first look, ceremony, toasts, first dance, & cake cut from start-to-finish. We cut together multiple angles and our professionally recorded audio for your vows and toasts and edit it together into a long form video that you can enjoy!

(Approximate Length: 45-90 +  minutes)

Other Extras




  • RAW FOOTAGE  $399




We also offer different types of edits to ensure our couples get the most out of reliving their day over again.

For most the Highlight film is great. But we also offer a Ceremony Edit a Reception Edit or a Doc Edit with includes all the footage for the day.

The Ceremony Edit will be a film with different angles and sources of audio mix together to watch and enjoy the ceremony in a clean nice way. The same goes for the Reception Edit But this will include the formalities Introduction First Dance Parent Dance Speeches/Toasts Cake Garter and bouquet toss and some dancing as well.

A Doc Edit (Documentary Edit) is kind of the same way but its really a way for our couple to see the whole day in a documentary style. Its less of a creative edit but it includes all of the day we mix in the multiple sources of audio and angles so you can sit back relax and enjoy.

For Raw Footage there is no edits involved and is all the files separated in folders with multiple sources of audio and camera angles. Most of the clips may be of trying to get focus and getting shots and this really may not be for most people unless you have an editing background. Its really only used for storage and having backups years after. This won’t be something easy to sit back watch and enjoy because how separated things are.

Last updated: 1/1/2019 (Subject to expire at anytime)