Marvin Flavien



Marvin is a cinematographer whose sole focus is on creating cinematic love stories. By using my camera to tell your story about your love, family, and happiness to illustrate one of the most important days of your life. There are so many things going on during a wedding day, you don't get to see most it. Half of the day you are nervously waiting and getting ready for THE moment, It all happens so fast. You’ll need someone there to document it in such a way that represents your love the right way.




We Believe

Booking a wedding photographer or videographer is more than just a “checklist” task. They have to be the right fit and the experience MUST be worth the investment. The experience with MK Flav Video is what makes us unique.  We capture the day in such a way that's full of emotion and create a long lasting wedding for your family to enjoy for a lifetime. .


Your day is completely different than any other bride.

It takes time to build a custom package to fit your needs. Let’s sit down and discuss what you want.

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